11 social media marketing myths

Updated: Aug 27

Social media marketers also fail to believe this myths exist and they still practice. We are going to let you know this 11 social media marketing myths below.

social media marketing myths 2020

  • Multiple time posting

Many business owners and marketers think that posting multiple times is not a good idea.

Twitter has marked 6000+ posts/second So, More the posts more the gathering of audience from social media ocean. Don't be afraid of posting your posts multiple times, it will soon catch the eyeballs you need for your business.

  • Organic audience through posting

Another myth "Posting posts on social media channels and website will bring you the traffic you want" Social media is for business and social media platforms are made for the same too. We cannot grab audience attention if we just post it and leave without paid advertisement.

Its always advisable to target and re-target the audience to catch the attention of your targeted audience.

  • Using trending hashtags for post

Hashtags which are trending but not relevant to the content is useless. For instance we have uploaded a school post and we use hashtags like me, love, selfie etc you can get some traffic from this but that want be related to your post and hence it wont create more impact on audience which reached to your post. Its better to use relevant hashtags like education, study, school vacations, cartoon names, local city name etc which can gather the right audience in terms of age, profession etc.

  • Companies should be customer centric

Another myth that exist is"Talking less about our company and focus more on customer".

Take organisation to another level by showing people the vision, ethics, principles, work culture you got, the staff talent, the creativeness & potential your business has.

Always appreciate the work of the employes when they go extra ahead for working.

  • One nature of post worked today so it will work tomorrow

Today my post was amazing, liked by thousands of people, comments were just on and on. Lets make similar content again to get the same results. "NO" things which worked today does not guarantee the success of tomorrow. Social media is all about trying and experimenting something different every day.

  • Social media is not measurable

social media efforts can always be measured with the help of insights which are provided by almost all the social media platforms. Every business should target insights for their ROI (return on Investment), the success, failure, audience reactions & much more to improve the future marketing promotions in order to avoid the last mistakes.

  • Increase follower & likes

This is a killer myth that one should increase followers & likes. NO that's not the goal for any business. Generating real followers who are interested in your products or services or just learning videos and engaging them is a real goal.

  • Influencers are to much costly

Influencer are majorly categorised in 2 types.

Micro (approx 10k followers with min 10% of engagement)

Macro (approx 50k followers with min 10% of engagement)

Depending on level of business & its need for exposure one wan select micro or macro influencer for promoting your business or services.

Note : There are many followers who have large number of followers within their profile, We can always ask them to re-share or re-post our post so their followers get to know about your social media profile.

  • Use all the social media channels for social media marketing.

Using all the social media channels for your marketing needs is not mandatory and its totally optional. Being present on 2-3 social media channels which are easily manageable is good option to boost your social media presence. Selecting social media channels play vital role. Moreover if you have knowledge on where your audience will be? than accordingly you can select 2 to 3 channels and give constant updates and engagement to your audience on those 2-3 channels which will create an authority for your business. However you can jump on to other channels for try & error method.

  • Post what competitors posts

Never copy what others do.Its always good to know about your strength & promote it rather than copying some one else. This way you can create your unique impression on your targeted audience.

  • Stick to short term strategy

Its always a bad option to stick to the strategy even if its not working. Prepare a monthly strategy and work on insights and learn from reporting and change the short term strategy as and when needed. You can always stick to the strategy which is an annual strategy plan like reach, gaining potential number of followers, engaging followers etc but content should be modified according to the need to reach the long term goal.

  • Don't try new things

Social media is all about exploring new things, posting new unique content, talking to followers & engaging the, replying to their queries etc. more the new things more the excitement to the end user. Its all about understanding followers & their needs.


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