How to increase YouTube views fast and increase subscribers

Updated: Aug 30

YouTube is the second largest social media platform among all the social media platforms reaching 1.5 billion users across the globe.

Teenagers are highly active on YouTube and hence majority of the youth prefers YouTube over other platforms. Traditional TV ads are degrading and on the other side YouTube ads

are highly preferable for the next generation.

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We can see the potential growth of individuals like YouTubers, businesses, government organisations as well as non-government organisations.

how does YouTube rank videos? Or how does google rank YouTube videos?

YouTube and google has their own algorithm for the rankings of YouTube videos.YouTube ranks videos based on the following factors. 1. Video quality

2. Video keywords

3. Channel keywords

4. Watch time of the video

5. Number of views

6. User experience on the video

7. Catchy thumbnails

8. Channel engagement with audience

9. Search engine optimization for videos

10. Competitive analysis

11. Strategy for paid promotions

12. Giveaways

13. Quiz

14. Chanel description

15. Use of other social media channels for exposure

16. Current affairs

17. First mover benefits

How to rank YouTube videos on google first page?

Getting views from google search engine is easier once your video ranks higher on google search results.

If you are uploading the YouTube video on YouTube channel than ideally your video might rank on google search pages as well.

There are mainly 2 things to learn while ranking your YouTube video

- How to create the right content

- How to spread the right content to the right audience

Hence, for new YouTuber it is mandatory to know how YouTube rankings work for YouTube videos.

For YouTuber's who already have a large following, we suggest to create a high quality content that helps the subscribers to stay engaged.

Established YouTuber's says it is the hardest thing to get your first 1 million subscribers.

Factors that affects the google rankings and YouTube rankings are listed below

1. Content of your video Videos are created for following reasons - Help people solve their problems

- Learn skills

- Gaining right Information

- Sharing knowledge

People searches something to gain something, analyzing what people needs is a crucial part.

If the content that people are searching already exists on the channel which is already up-to the mark than creating similar content is pointless.

Hence it is always mandatory to understand the reason of creating video contents.

2. What should be the length of YouTube video?

Ideal length of the videos for YouTube is never a question, Rather how we can increase a watch time on our video matters.

YouTube video length usually varies on type of content for instance Techology videos tend to stand out till the user gets the required information.

3. Name of the video

Optimizing the video starts from the name of the video file itself. Targeting keywords is an old fashion optimization, while searching long tail keywords and phrases are trending because it is less competitive.

How to optimize video file before uploading the video on YouTube channel? - Name the video file with the long tail keywords that are being searched very often

- Right click on video file

- Get Info/Properties

- Details

- Add tags (related to content)

- Include long tail keywords(at least 2)

- short description in the comments

- Your first step of optimization ends.

YouTube will fetch the name of the file and keep it as it is in the YouTube video name section.

4. What should I put in my YouTube video description? Description of the video tells YouTube search engine what the video is about and why people should watch your video.

- Description should be at least 200 words which includes keywords and its synonyms.

- Write different description for different videos to avoid duplication of content.

- Avoid keywords stuffing.

- Write down the video transcript

- Website link if available

- If not available than add social network links or blog link etc

- Competitive video analysis

- Long video description

- Giveaway details

- Correct keywords

- Call to action

5. Thumbnails

Thumbnails play very vital role for user to take an action about opening or not opening the video. Catchy thumbnails for YouTube videos usually have high open rates and rest works on the content created for the user ultimately resulting the watch time of your videos.

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