Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2020!!

Updated: Aug 27

Social Media Marketing is one of its kind when it comes to branding and influencing audience with the same niche high targeted influencers.

2019 has been a benchmark reporting a major number of businesses shifting to social media for their business.

social media marketing checklist 2020

11 social media marketing checklist for 2020

  • Social media strategy!!

Before having any clue what you will do once your social media profile creation is done, your social media strategy what we also call a PLAN TO ACTION should be framed.

  • Platforms which should be leveraged

There are numerous social media platforms available out of which only few are effective depending on the nature of business. We don't suggest to go to all the platforms to uplift a business. Its always better to stay connected to your audience on regular time interval which is possible only when you leverage few social media platforms.

  • Video content!!

Just like 2019 end, Video content is going to be a king in 2020. More the videos more the engagement. Video content might be a bit costly method in terms of price or time consumption but its the most important way to create a brand value & engagement.

  • Hashtags

Random working hashtags which are trending are no longer trending. Relevance of hashtag is the key to have a impressions & visits ultimately converted to followers. Higher the relevance higher the traffic.

  • Social Listening

Social talking is no more trending!! Jump on to social listening. Social listening is a way you can keep spy on what other businesses, our audience likes and follows. It also refer to social mentions of your business & much more.

  • Analytics

Social media progress is to be measured with its insights. Almost every social media platforms helps with the data for your social media pages, promotions etc. Analytics helps understanding the audience and its fragmentation. studying data time to time is plays a vital role understanding whether or not the social media performance is working as per your strategic planning.

  • Relevant Content

Content is now replaced with the relevant content. What does this mean?

Not just any random content but meaningful content which is relevant to the audience & which audience loves to see. so checking out whats working Vs whats not working should be checked time to time for the interest of audience & future social media post creation.

  • Seo

Search engine optimization is going to play an important role for social media marketing optimization. Social media pages doesn't leverage until the social media pages are optimized or searchable to audience. Seo will not only lead a major part in social media but will also play a vital role in blogs & website for search engines like google.

  • Community management

Its not just about gathering page likes, followers or generating leads, Its just more than that which includes creating, engaging and going into relationship with your audience and knowing whats their need, likes, dislikes etc.

  • Defining Audience

Identify your target Audience demographic, including:

Age, Gender, Occupation, Income, Level of Educational, Type of Industry, profession.

  • Contests, results & winning speech video

Creating contest alerts, Giveaways are the most shareable content which is an authority creator for any brand and an amazing way to thank you your audience.


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